Battery, preventive charger and standard service

PosiSol knows that batteries need love and care. With proper preventive maintenance the batteries should last for many years. Our service technicians will reduce your downtime by going to their facilities for preventive maintenance and standard service.

PosiSol offers the following services:

Battery Preventative Maintenance

Batteries require regular maintenance, and depending on the application the maintenance can be scheduled monthly to once every four months.

Battery Preventative Maintenance Includes:

  • Testing
  • Cleaning
  • Safety Inspection
  • Usable Product Replacement (as needed)

Charger Preventative Maintenance (Optional 1 Year Warranty Available)

Chargers require regular maintenance too. As charging technology changes so do the maintenance needs. High frequency chargers often require frequent preventative maintenance whereas Ferroresonant chargers only require annual maintenance. Ferroresonant chargers can function for over 30 years with regular maintenance. Regular maintenance for Ferroresonant chargers includes:

  • Testing
  • Cleaning
  • Safety Inspection
  • Usable Product Replacement
  • Calibration
  • Optional 1 Year Warranty

High Frequency Maintenance

  • Testing
  • Cleaning
  • Safety Inspection
  • Usable Product Replacement
  • Programming Verification
  • Software Download

Battery Washing Services

Batteries can be very dangerous without proper care and attention. It is dangerous when dirt, debris and corrosion build up on top of a battery. If the dirt and debris are conductive, a parasitic electricity drain can start. This can possibly shock people and ruin expensive components on forklifts and chargers. The next danger is the sulphuric acid that can build up on top of the battery. The corrosion will ruin clothes and can contaminate products and anything that it comes in contact with. The corrosion will burn skin or can even cause blindness when it comes in contact with unprotected eyes. There is a safe and easy solution: PosiSol Battery Washing Service.

Battery Desulfation Services

Over time when the batteries are not maintained perfectly sulfation will occur. The only way to repair a sulphated battery is an extensive Desulfation Service. The battery will require acid adjustment by a Manufacturer Certified Technician.

Battery and Charger Repairs

A PosiSol technician will visit your facility repair to batteries and chargers as needed. There is no reason to bring your equipment to us - we will visit you!

Battery Attendant Services

Large facilities require full time battery attendant. Normally a battery attendant only changes batteries, but a PosiSol Battery Attendant will water and regularly test batteries to ensure maximum battery life. Battery and Charger preventative maintenance is included in all Posisol Battery Attendant services.

Battery Recycling

99% of lead acid batteries are recycled and 99% of Crown Battery lead acid batteries are made from recycled material. The environment is extremely important for PosiSol, we look for opportunities to do our part and recycle lead is a green option.

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