Watering a battery is one of the most important maintenance aspects of a battery. A human can live 3-5 days without water; a battery can live 1-4 weeks (varies with application) without water before damage is irreversible.

PosiSol offers multiple watering solutions:

  • Battery Water Maintenance Training.
  • PosiSol Offers Watering Products to increase Safety and Efficiency.
    • Watering Guns.
    • Watering Systems.
  • PosiSol Gold Service - Includes PosiSol technicians watering batteries, preventative maintenance and washing batteries.

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Battery Watering Technologies (BWT)

PosiSol is the distributor for Battery Watering Technologies (BWT).

BWT is a world leader in battery hydration solutions for industrial applications.

PosiSo doesn’t claim our products will work for many years, we guarantee it.

BWT not only says that your product works, but they guarantee it. If a battery cell fails due to lack of water when using a BWT irrigation system, they will replace the cell for free.