PosiSol knows that battery quality is extremely important.

When a battery fails there are many negative effects: forklifts stop working, shipping trailers sit empty at the docks and production is forced to stop until a forklift can move the products to storage.

Don’t let this happen to your operation.

PosiSol has searched the world to find high quality industrial products.

PosiSol doesn’t claim our products will work for many years, we guarantee it..

New Crown Batteries: Year Full Warranty with 1 year option additional warranty.

Used Batteries - 6 month warranty .

Do not waste another day!

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Crown Battery

One of the largest battery manufacturers in the world was started by a German immigrant in Fremont, Ohio, United States of America. In 1926, William J. Koenig started Crown Battery In his garage. At present, Crown Battery manufactures batteries for many industries: ferroca-rails, steel industry, renewable energy, automotive, marine and many more, including equipment Industrial

99% of lead acid batteries are recycled and 99% of Crown lead acid batteries Battery are manufactured with recycled material.

Crown Battery offers the following types of industrial batteries:

  • 12-80 volts.
  • Standard S-Line industrial batteries
  • H2GO Batteries - Require less regular maintenance.
  • Max batteries: prolongs the battery's operating time.
  • Fast charging batteries: designed to keep the battery cold in the most difficult applications.
  • Industrial lithium batteries: fast charging with long operating times