PosiSol is short for “Positive Solutions”. Positive Solutions are the basis for our business. We believe that the only way to improve is to start by measuring the current position, designing a positive improvement plan, executing the plan and measuring the final position.

PosiSol has built an international team of professionals with extensive experience in warehouse equipment, energy solutions, service and project management. Building a strong team is a key component, however training and continued education are what allows PosiSol sales and service consultants to continually provide “Positive Solutions”.

Key Categories of “Positive Solutions”

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increase Work Safety
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Increase Staff Efficiency
  • Increase Equipment Working Life
  • Reduce Storage Capacities

Let us find ways to save your business money by increasing your facility safety, increasing efficiency and reducing your total cost of ownership.

Do not waste another day! Contact PosiSol to request a consult to visit your now.

Industrial Batteries

PosiSol knows that battery quality is extremely important.

When a battery fails there are many negative effects: forklifts stop working, shipping trailers sit empty at the docks and production is forced to stop until a forklift can move the products to storage.

Don’t let this happen to your operation.

PosiSol has searched the world to find high quality industrial products.

PosiSol doesn’t claim our products will work for many years, we guarantee it. New Crown Batteries - 5 Year Full Warranty with 1 year option additional warranty Used Batteries - 6 month warranty